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to borrow a musician's phrase, "in the studio" evokes that special moment when inspiration and perspiration intersect. when the time has arrived to take what's been rehearsed and record it for all to hear, to choose one design among the set of drafts and versions, to prop open the door of the business you've been creating and hang a shingle out front. "in the studio" is our term for taking those steps, whatever they may be.

we all have multiple interests, multiple personalities, multiple priorities... and we describe that array with a tell-tale "slash" between each. studio/Gracious exists to help you design/website, craft/logo, share/socialmedia, capture/photo, echo/audio ... how about you?

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"action is the foundational
key to all success."
-pablo picasso
archaeological evidence
suggests wine was produced
in georgia ~8000 BC
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